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Car Dryers Testimonials and Feedback

Hi - just to say my Master Blaster with the 30ft hose is absolutely flawless, I am really please with it, much more powerful than I expected, thanks.

Tony Whittingham

The Master Blaster - it's just brilliant!

Linsey Macdonald

Here is a quick review of the Side Kick & hose that I bought last May.

Since I bought it, I have used it every time I have washed one of my cars. It is absolutely brilliant in blowing out the water that lurks in those difficult to reach places where the water subsequently runs out when the car is moved. One of my cars is a Morris Minor Traveller (with the wood) and previously I haven't been able to dry around and behind the wood, but I can with the car dryer. I also no longer have to struggle to dry the alloy wheels on my other cars by hand; just blast them with the dryer and they dry perfectly.

Finally, I have used the dryer for a number of other useful purposes, for example, for blowing out the leaves stuck in the air vents.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, it is brilliant.

Colin Beale

I got my first opportunity to use the Master Blaster today.

I have a 2018 Skoda Kodiaq which has a Gtechniq Ultra coating. The Master Blaster is absolutely superb in finishing the vehicle to its 'just bought' appearance. I am delighted with the Master Blaster.

Many thanks

Jerome Leonard

Just would like to say a personal thank you for your efforts in helping to get the Master Blaster Dryer delivered the next day even though I've missed the last collection from your courier. You have gone far and beyond many companies would, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to say that the product arrived all in good order, excellently packaged and within the morning!

Thank you very much indeed! As I said before will be buying more from you from now on, as it's very rare to find a trusted, honest and excellent customer service company to do businesses with.

Thank you!

Tara Janson

Good to talk the other day, just to say got the Evolution 30ft yesterday and gave the Range Rover a wash and dry straight away and very pleased with its performance getting all the water out of nooks and crannies. Save the old compressor labouring!

Dave Gradziuk

Thanks for the great service. The Side Kick Dryer has arrived.

Paul Lund

Thanks for the customer support.

Blaster & Skid order arrived when it should. Tried it out today as I had a new sealant product to try out.

Both do exactly what they intend to do. Effortless drying using the Blaster Heat. Don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner.

Josh Briscoe

Hi, received the Master Blaster dryer in perfect condition, what a brilliant piece of kit .

I wish I had one years ago as I can't stand my motorcycles getting wet !

Thanks very much John

John Hunt

The Blaster Heat just arrived thank you, unpacked it and it looks great. Amazing blast of air when I switched it on for a second.

Thanks too for fitting the skid. I'm looking forward to using it this weekend

Christian Mahne

Thank you for the great service, just to let you know the Master Blaster Revolution kit arrived safely and is all up working.

Matty Evans

The sidekick just arrived today and as I planned to clean my car, I thought I'd give it a shot and it does work well!

I have attached some photos of the sidekick with the car.

Many thanks for your warm and speedy customer service.

My Sidekick Car Detailer

Abu Razzaque

Morning - I have just sent payment for the 3ft hose. Please add to the Side Kick order, and thanks for your excellent help and service.

Paul Cooper

Thanks for holding the order and arranging delivery of the dryer for yesterday. All arrived safely and very powerful!

Trevor Daughtrey

I received my Master Blaster 8HP last Monday (after discussing my needs with you on the Friday before).

My delivery took place exactly as promised. The packaging was excellent, labelling very clear and with the free sample of ACF + Valet Pro detailing brush, replacement filters and mounting bracket.

The Blaster is now in position and an initial trial run has shown that for the Vespa, one motor is more than up to the job, but for the Range Rover, the twin motors gives the option of panel as well as wheel and door shut drying. Added bonus is being able to blast the dust from intricate woodworking projects after sanding.

My only regret is not getting one of these beasts years ago!!

Our telephone conversation helped me to clarify my thoughts and make the right decision.


Firstly, I need to say I have now clayed the whole of my BMW X5 and then put two coats of the special Winners wax Carnauba on it and it looks absolutely amazing! Like new and for a 55 plate car the number of comments I have had is unbelievable. I will send you some pictures but heavily used over the weekend so now not looking its best, but the cleaning Friday will be easy for sure.

Your products are brilliant, easy to use and the results are simply tremendous.


The Winners Premium microfibre cloths are without doubt the best we have ever used - highly recommended if you want to look after the finish - our second order with Car Dryers.

Alex Graham-Cameron Cambridge

I bought some of the Winner Black Carnauba Wax at the Carol Nash Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet last year. I have been so impressed with it I am re-ordering another tub, it leaves a deep finish & does a wonderful job at protecting the paint on my 1966 Bentley T1.

Keith Falconer

Winners Wax Carnauba, what can I say, it is so easy to use. It can be used on all parts of a bike - paint, plastic, chrome, engine etc. It leaves a perfect finish on all parts, no white residue. Great value for money. Definitely the best I have used.

Dave Lewis

The Master Blaster arrived the next day and is a brilliant bit of kit!!!

Clive Woods

Just a quick note to say I am very happy with my Sidekick Dryer and pleased you recommended that I also buy the flexible hose.

Not only does it blow out water but it was great in the engine bay at blowing out the muck that accumulates in places you can't reach.

David Harriss

I thought that you might like to have some feedback on the Car Blaster.


I have been using mine for about a month during the course of detailing my clients cars.

They are very happy that the old problem of water dripping from mirrors, light enclosures is now a thing of the past.

I detail some fairly complicated wheels on Porsche's, Range Rovers and BMW's. Again a constant problem, especially with vehicles fitted with drilled/vented brake disc's such as the GTS Porsche was that the washing water would hide inside the drilled vents, go rusty within minutes and drop out as a brown liquid as soon as the vehicle was moved therefore ruining the finish especially on Black painted rims.

A quick blast with the Blaster eliminated those problems in an instant.

All in all I am delighted with the product. Its very well put together and I look forward to many years of presenting my clients with perfectly finished cars.

Nick Mason- SE London

Thanks for taking the time to chat the other day when I bought the Master Blaster. In this day an age buying stuff is just a few clicks and its easy to never speak to a real person. Anyway I've included some pictures of my Supercharged Jaguar XKR V8.


Geoff Thompson

Just a note to let you know I received my Master Blaster from you yesterday. Many thanks for that.

Gave it a quick test yesterday, fantastic what a piece of kit. it will make cleaning my VW LWB T6 dub camper van a lot easier.

Peter Toll

Brilliant service and products. Better price than other sites I've visited. Highly recommended.

(Frances ordered 2 x Side Kicks & 2 6ft hoses).

Frances Carter

Thanks for the Blaster Heat & the Dolly, wow what a great product very impressive!

Craig Smith

First class service and communication from Car Dryers. The Airforce Blaster lived up to its reviews. Absolutely delighted with it and would highly recommend.


Picked up the parcel from the post office yesterday and I am really pleased with the Vac n' Blo Pro.

Your customer service and packing is exemplary!!

All the best.


I purchased the Premium Diamond Weave Drying Cloth at the NEC Classic car show in November last year and its the best cloth I have ever bought for absorbing water, I can wipe the whole car in one attempt, I highly recommend this cloth for making life much easier when cleaning my car.

Robert Harris

These Diamond weave microfiber drying towels are the best drying towels I have come across - they leave the best finish on an already waxed cars and wet windows.

Unlike the waffle weave towels they do not require priming ( making them damp) before using. I can dry a BMW 3 series of which isn't a small car with one towel with minimal wringing out!!!! With this towel I actually enjoy drying process with them.

Stuart Stratford

The machine is EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be! An awesome bit of kit that will save me hours of work, avoid a lot of corrosion, and preserve the mirror finish on my cars' paintwork. Should have got it a long time ago. It's also strangely addictive and satisfying to use.

Thanks for packing it so well - talk about the belt and braces approach! Much appreciated. I bet you never get any damage in transit!

Ed Stratton

Collected the Metro Carry All Bag from my neighbour and very happy with the product. Many thanks and will be shopping with you again.

David Burnett

Just a quick email to let you know I am delighted with the products that I purchased from you recently.

I am a self confessed detailing anorak but have to admit I was somewhat sceptical about the Blaster - I shouldn't have been, it's amazing! I'm staggered by the amount of water it blasts out from window frames, behind badges, around lights and mirrors and just about any nook and cranny -Moisture that would otherwise be damaging my car or bike.

Not only does it save time drying but it also does a fantastic job on the interior of my car - instead of endless time with detailing brushes I now just open all the doors and blast out all the dust and dirt from my dash and vents, around the steering column, seats and all the hard to reach areas, leaving it spotless without using any artificial looking dressings.

The waffle drying cloth I bought from you replaced one made by a very well known premium car care brand and it is quite simply the best of its kind I have used, where I would previously need three passes over a panel your cloth takes one.

I'm impressed and would not hesitate to recommend your products and great service to any car or motorcycle enthusiast.

Thanks and regards.


Thanks so much for this, received today and I'm proper chuffed. Many thanks for your help and service.
(Blaster sent to New Zealand on Friday the 19th of June & Chris received his Blaster Tuesday the 23rd of June)

Chris Finer

Hi, I met you at Newark on Sun 3rd Jan and bought a pack of blue Premium waffle cloths from you.

You told me about the Goldie you bought. Well I've used one of the cloths, it's excellent quality and does a great job.

I've previously used other waffle cloths but your blue one's are better, they soak up more water and make the job quicker.

Cliff Brigg

I did not buy a hose with my Side Kick as I was not sure how good it would be. I was really surprised how well it worked, it's very powerful for such a small unit.

I then ordered a 3ft hose, it has made Drying so much easier now that I really like using it, it is so much easier, the only downside is I had to pay another £5.94 carriage!!! Great product 5 star rating!

Mark Baretta

I bought a Side Kick & went for the 3ft accessory hose, I am so glad I did as it makes drying all of the difficult to reach parts of the bike easy & most of all it doesn't make your wrist ache manoeuvring the Side Kick around!

Paul Stewart

The car dryer package arrived safely today.

Thanks for packing it so well. Thanks for the quick and great service.

Paul Laureys

Many thanks. The Master Blaster & extension hose arrived yesterday morning and will be put to use today.

Many thanks for such an excellent and prompt service - it was a pleasure doing business with Car Dryers UK.

Barry Makellar

I originally purchased a Vac 'n Blow and a bunch of hoses so that I could have it wall mounted and just run the hoses out to where I clean my car.

I also used the Vac 'n Blow for drying the car but, whilst it excels as a vacuum, the drying took a little longer than I needed.

The Master Blaster, however, is truly exceptional as a dryer. The power is certainly all that's required and it shifts all water with ease and quickly.

Being able to thoroughly dry panel gaps and wing mirrors avoids those annoying water runs when polishing.

The unit is very well made (although very American 1970s in appearance) and I'd expect it to last a long while.

I have 4 hoses and these are very flexible making it really nice and light to use.

In summary, very efficient and powerful. Just make sure to protect your ears when drying those wheel nuts!

Thoroughly recommended.

Ash Scott