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Vac 'n Go 500 Series 12V Car Vacuum

Vac 'n Go 500 Series 12V Car Vacuum

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Tackle quick clean ups with the Metro 12V Vac n Go!

The Vac N Go 12 Volt Hand Vac plugs into the cigarette lighter or 12 volt outlet in your vehicle. It's the ultimate in convenience for anyone living in an apartment or condo. Clean up crumbs and small messes quickly with this ultralight-weight vacuum with a ½ horsepower motor.

At only 3 pounds, you can pull the 12 Volt Hand Vac out at a moment's notice without a lot of fuss. The Metro 12 Volt Vacuum includes a 3-piece attachment kit for cleaning in hard to reach areas. At 1/2 horsepower, the Metro 12 volt Hand Vac is excellent for maintenance and quick cleaning during the work week.

It features an attractive black steel finish, 12 volt motor, 10 ft. cord, 1/2 horsepower motor, Upholstery Tool, Dust Brush, 19" Flexible Hose, Shoulder Strap, and Crevice Tool.

Although a great machine, If you have 240 volts available, even with a long extension cord, the Vac n Go 500 Series VM6B500 is the way to go. Nothing beats the 500 watts of power that it offers.


Features Include:
  • Rugged, all-steel construction built to last.
  • Super-lightweight, compact and easy to handle.
  • Ideal for apartment/condo use too.
  • Includes 18” flexible hose.
Construction: All Steel
Motor: 0.75 peak HP
Air Flow: 70 CFM
Fan: Singel Stage Fan
Voltage: 12v
Current: 4.5 amps
Dust Bag: 2 Ply Paper Bag
Powder cord: 12ft, heavy-duty, 13 amp fused plug
Weight: 1.25 kg
Attachment included: Upholstery Tool
Crevice Tool
Dust Brush
Warranty: 5 Year Motor Warranty

How powerful is a 12volt vacuum Cleaner?

The power of an automotive 12 volt vacuum cleaner is limited by the vehicles wiring, if the current draw is too high, the fuse will blow & if a higher rated fuse is fitted the wire & wiring socket could melt & catch fire!

In older cars where the socket was used only to light cigarettes the wiring to the socket was probably more robust i.e. capable of carrying a heavier current & could handle a more powerful load. In this day & age the sockets are more fitted for the purpose of charging devises!

The spec on the Metro Vac n Go is 12volts with a 140 watt motor, drawing 12 amps of current. The power is limited by your cars wiring. These figures quoted are genuine rather than the often hyped figure some manufacturers arrive at. You should check the rating of the fuse fitted to the cigarette/accessory socket fitted to your car – always use the fuse recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. 

We sell the 12volt model to those who need to have an occasional light surface vac, such as chauffeurs or undertakers. Totally unsuitable for vacuuming the whole car!

The same Vac n Go in a 240 volt model has a 500 watt motor & is 3½ times more powerful, making it the most powerful machine in its class, this is an impressive bit of kit for its size!

If you want to go the 240volt route why not hard wire a 800/1000 watt inverter into your car & then you can easily power any of your electrical goods up to 800 watts comfortably, including the 240 volt Vac n Blo 500. Bur don’t forget there are inverters & inverters, some labelled up as 800 watts but will only start a 500 watt motor! Inverters fitted & used properly give excellent portable 240 volt power.

Always use a qualified competent auto electrician.

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